We do landscaping of commercial spaces, urban areas, and social projects. All of these are not separate directions, but a single mechanism for creating a high-quality, new type of a city. 

Our studio is the connecting link that brings businesses, authorities, and residents together around the same idea. Our goal—happy people, who feel comfortable not only in their own apartments, but also in the public space, which is convenient, interesting, and accessible to everyone.

Stages of site design
1. Pre-design Work

Through research, we create an analysis of the proposed site. Based on this data, we then formulate the technical specifications. These specification clearly define the main tasks and general direction for the project. At this stage, we answer all questions specific to the project: who will be using the space and how, what challenges are there, what are the strengths of the project, etc.

2. Concept

We form the main idea and design solutions after taking answers from the questions posed in the first stage.

3. Conceptual project

We outline the concept and issue the conceptual project in the form of a master plan and an album with diagrams and visualizations. We select materials, equipment, plants to determine the cost of implementation.

4. Project

This is a stage where "the project" is presented in its final revision. By this stage all the customer's and stakeholders' requests have been accounted for and reflected in "the project". A complete set of information is provided in regards to the materials that will be used in the project, as well as any details about the site: presence of street furniture, lighting, playground and sports equipment, vegetation, rain water collectors etc. At this stage the key stakeholders agree on the major points which will not be drastically changed. All costs are finalized as well. 

5. Project documentation

We provide very detailed drawings including: landscape structure blueprint, ground plans, vegetation, flower beds and lighting arrangements, small architectural forms layout. To optimize the process we use the BIM-technology, a 3D model with an automatic processing of data.

6. Author's supervision

We monitor the execution of works according to the project. Author's supervision is a guarantee of creating a quality space. During the implementation phase, additional information and new design constraints may appear that will require changes to the working documentation or the development of additional drawings. We are ready for change and ensure the implementation of all project decisions in life.

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