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We help you avoid making mistakes in planning and keep you from incurring damages as the result of implementing faulty solutions.

We provide practical recommendations on how to improve your project.

We conduct a Check Up of the Design Requirements Specifications for the areas of residential and office buildings.

The Design Requirements Specifications document is key to starting a project. It determines all the subsequent steps, so the price of mistakes is quite high.

It is often the case that the Design Requirements Specifications do not contain sufficient primary data, objectives, and tasks need to be completed by the designers. It is highly likely that such specifications document will lead to a low-quality project, which will, in turn, result in damages incurred by the customer and the buyers’ expectations left unmet.

A correctly drawn up requirements specifications document is half the success of a project.

What we offer:

We analyze the quality of the specifications document and the risks of the project.


We provide recommendations and an action plan for improving the specifications document.


Another checkup.

Check Up of an existing preliminary design or concept of an area.

Nowadays, many designs are based on poor quality specifications documents, or they contain incompetent solutions, which can lead to additional damages and problems during the implementation stages or have a detrimental effect on the final appearance of the project.

Clients are not always able to assess the quality of a design or how realistic it is. Often, they run into problems during the stages of construction or sale, when it is already too late to fix anything.

What we offer:

We study the primary data, the technical specifications, and the design, all the available materials. 


We find weak spots in the design, risks or solutions that can lead to problems later.


We propose alternative solutions and corrections aimed at improving the project.

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