Technologies, design programs and building materials may change, but the unchanging component of the project is an idea.

Our team is the ones who create ideas. We are not sprayed to create design for beauty, but focus on the main thing —  creating a quality public space that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

The city is our element in which we maneuver through a creative view on space and decades of experience in landscape design.

No matter how brilliant the idea, it can not be implemented without a team, so let us introduce you...

Maksym Kotsiuba
Founder and head of the studio
He is able to communicate with everyone through his passion, regardless of language barriers.
Mariia Andriienko
Landscape architect
Skilled at Petrykivka painting. She has visited more than half of the states in the United States of America.
Marianna Kryvoruchko
Masterplan architect
Adheres to the principles of minimalism.
Inna Dobrovolska
Landscape architect
Does an uncanny Gollum impression.
Victoriia Kachura
Masterplan architect
Loves kittens, tea with melissa and warm talks.
Veronika Shuster
Communication specialist
Could arrive late for her flight as often as twice per day. She loves wearing unpaired socks and making faces.
Andrii Kunickii
Visualization maker
Loves PS 4 and caffè americano with milk.
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We are always open for cooperation
Even if you have not find the right job, but feel that you can complement our team - be sure to write to us.
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