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'Era' Square

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk
'Child-friendly public space'
NGO 'Mom's of Prykarpattya'
Competition, concept
To create a child friendly public space with a powerful and recognizable style.
The impetus for the stylistic direction was the desire of the organizers to restore the city: development, renewal, and hence a new era. That is why we reflected in the project some moments and episodes of geological development of the Earth, saturated it with game and architectural elements that reflect the various natural phenomena, elements, and not only entertaining and decorative, but also cognitive.


 / 'Era' Square

Conceptual search

An Era is a new period of development that begins by a start event; the highest level for the organization of the measurement of time in geological history of the Earth. Designed public space is the beginning of the renovation and revival of Ivano-Frankivsk public spaces. Organizer’s desire to restore, develop and refresh the city (thus, start a new era) was a powerful impetus for us in the search for stylistic direction.

That`s why our project reflects some geological aspects and episodes of Earth development and contains gaming and architectural elements that reflect different natural phenomena, elements, and carry not only entertainment and decorative, but also informative nature.

To facilitate pedestrian accessibility near public space we connected Virmens'ka and Shpytal'na streets. It complements and saturates historic district’s yard and creates an additional recreation area.

When creating an environment for quality recreation, we took into account the interests and needs of people of all ages, from little kids to senior citizens.

 / 'Era' Square
 / 'Era' Square
 / 'Era' Square
 / 'Era' Square


The whole area is conventionally divided into several parts supplementing and continue one another:

  • main entrance with a small square, from Virmens'ka street side
  • the main part of the space, targeted to all age groups
  • active zone for children
  • quiet zone in the coziness and shade of fruit trees, for the youngest and oldest visitors

All space is simple and comprehensible. And replacing the stairs with ramps, we also made it convenient for all groups of the population that is essential in today's world.

Main entrance at first sight reminds sky: benches styled after white clouds, fountains that make their way through light paving on the square. They help not only cool off on a hot day, but also create the illusion of fog, thanks to evaporation, and visitors find themselves like midst of clouds. Also, the area contains extra attraction — summer cinema. Here you can hold meetings, small workshops, and masterclasses. It will be interesting for all age groups, depending on the subjects and direction of events.

 / 'Era' Square
Розріз 1-1 / 'Era' Square
Розріз 1-1
 / 'Era' Square

The main part of space is formed with decorative difference of relief that is not only stylistic idea, but a necessity as underground bunker facilities have their unchanging and rather outlined position. Recreational zone forms volcano crater. Faced with decorative red and yellow lighting
(reminiscent lava) it takes us back to the times of dinosaurs and the Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Lost World'. Unpolished stones with cracks through which bright light is seen adds additional flavor.

Children's entertainment and educational elements such as stairs-benches in the form of crustwill help kids to better understand geography and take a break from active play. A key object in the children's area is a modular rope construction that resembles the image of giant birds nests from Jurassic period. Stone slab shaped like eggs located not far from here hints at this.

 / 'Era' Square
Розріз 2-2 / 'Era' Square
Розріз 2-2
Ігровий елемент «Гніздо» / 'Era' Square
Ігровий елемент «Гніздо»

Last functional zone is located in northern part of the area, in the shade of trees. Cozy quiet lawn will be a favorite destination for readers enthusiasts and pensioners, who will be able to chat quietly or play their favourite games.

It is a modern space that harmoniously blends into historic center, complements and highlights its features. We have suggested project of interesting, educational and multipurpose open space that will decorate and highlight Ivano-Frankivsk city.

 / 'Era' Square

'KOTSIUBA' Landscape architecture studio

Maksym Kotsiuba, Mariia Andriienko, Anna Shubert, Maksym Kamynin

Strategy + design — Other Land

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